wheat field

-Communication techniques for the workplace environment
-Common communication barriers and ways to
avoid them
- Ensuring clear understanding of instructions and information
- Taking responsibility for communication
- Communicating with people who have different
styles and personalities
- The keys to public speaking



- A leader’s role and responsibilities
- Using appropriate leadership styles and techniques
- Issues of authority and power
- Critical leadership situations and how to deal with them
- What makes employees productive
- Motivation
- Characteristics of effective leaders
- Rules of leaders
- Ethical Leadership


- Understanding the purpose of evaluation
- The pitfalls of evaluation and how to
avoid them
- Evaluation vs. training
- The principles of effective evaluation
- Skills vs. performance evaluations

Employee Management

- Employee managment and correction
- Improving performance without
destroying morale
- Effective critiquing and feedback
techniques for employee development


- Universal principles of effective training
- Who should and shouldn’t train
- Understanding how people learn
- The art of explaining, developmental learning,
effective demonstrations, giving assistance,
sizing, sequencing and much more